Friday, February 6, 2009


Salam everyone,

Its Friday...and I been meaning to have a say about this in regards of it being a sensitive issue. But its not a personal/friendship matter anymore or dare I say its global....and I'm not going to post any pix coz its unbearable...

Even as I write this, many more innocent Palestinians are being killed by Israeli missiles and shells. I rarely write on anything regarding religion or political but this is not about it, this is about basic human decency. Please stop the senseless killings!

The Israeli military had stated that they would not stop until the Hamas threat has been completely neutralized. But more and more children, women, and the elderly end up dead. These are someone’s sons, daughters, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers. The Israeli military seems dead set on killing every last Palestinian on the Gaza strip.

Any reasonable man can see this is a blatant act of genocide and yet nothing is being done. We demonstrate and we rally but what good does it do.......?? huhuhu

Something needs to be done, and it starts with us. Post it in your blogs, your websites, your facebook or whatever........ Whatever it TAKES!..... just stop the killing.


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  1. kenapa perlu jadi seperti ini ya...
    pembunuhan & peperangan...
    ini semua perbuatan syaitan bertopengkan manusia..
    semoga Allah memberi balasan kepada mereka yang kejam ini...

    semoga Allah tempatkan mereka yang mati syahid disana bersama sama insan yang soleh...

  2. ~amin....~

    umi hargai sgt2 komentar Helmi....
    macheee... ^_^


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