Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hockey Jr League

Last week, started Mon,16th Feb...
through out the week, my other daughter Fiffy(17), spents her day under the sun at the hockey field at Petaling. For health and beauty sake,
it worries me....mothers!!hehehe
but its her choice and she got all my support........

In fact she's involved actively in sports since she's in Standard 4.
She goes for marathons n Road Runs.She did run this year and maintain her victory!!(Rights Denied!)
BUT..... not before that. It all started coz she 'asthmatic'. Do you believe that......???
but she's ok now. *o*

Top scorer 2007.....

District Hockey Junior League
(under 18) 2008

on action....!!!!


with her team.....2009



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