Saturday, February 7, 2009


All because of supporting the boycott issue, it makes me and my team a little bit more creactive and productive! Hey...! We actually cooked...! what? did I do something wrong.....? Yes, I don't normally cook n now I do....! No more happy hours at the fast food restaurant or blowouts for lunch and dinner.Aside local dishes...meaning Indian/malay n filipino food, we prepare our own burger, spaghetti, puddings, cakes and we even fried our chicken....^_^.

I celebrate almost everything...birthdays, anniversaries, father's day or mother's day, valentine's day or even just good marks.......why? It's nothing to do with believes or faith but because its the time when I have reason to gather all my children n talk or joke with them or asking what are they up to.....bla bla bla. It really shows our appreciation, affections as well as building good communication , specially when they all have grown up and staying out....summon them with the food....hahaha! I know...I'm bad!!

I'm writtng this down so my children will not misinterpret each preparation that I do or celebrate with them, making Islam the way of our life....the 'niat' means the intention in the heart that counts..... Valentine is just around the corner, its not a must.... but I intent to prepare my family a lovely n colorful dessert which I stumble at one blog from the Philipines. According to Charity Child Gevero its a New Year resepi but inspired by just the sight of, I won't wait that long........hehehe

wanna share.....

Berries N Nanas
(credit to Charity Child Gevero)

For this one you'll need:

* Some fresh blueberries
* Four cups of sweetened natural yogurt.
* One cup of blueberry yogurt.
* Some fresh strawberries.
* Some bananas.

don't ask about any measurements, just use as much as it feels right!

About 10-15 minutes before midnight, get out your nice serving dish and mix all the yogurt together.

* Make sure to wash the blueberries in cold water.
* Make sure to wash the strawberries in cold water. And cut off the tippy-top where the leaves are sticking out at.
* Sprinkle the clean blueberries on top of the mixed-up yogurt, to one side.
* Sprinkle the clean strawberries on top of the mixed-up yogurt, to the other side.
* Grab a few bananas and slice them with a table knife, letting them fall into the middle of the blueberries and the strawberries, on top of the yogurt.
* Now tap-tap your little jar of ground cinnamon all over everything and even onto the serving dish itself.

Now serve the Berries 'N' Nanas in glasses with little teaspoons...


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  1. umi....i'm hungry....!!!

  2. so Harney....,would u join us on our valentine fiesta....?

  3. what if I put some mayonaise.will it be good? :)

  4. sure it will adds up
    extra ommmmm..!! ^_^

  5. hmmmmm... I'll take anything with fruit toppings :-)


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