Saturday, February 28, 2009

So What...!!!

me...kyrun@ummi, Shikin@mamapip n Rozi@angah.....

I'm calling 'US' ....~sweet 40's Nubies~
we are internet buddies and we have 3 things in common, we are senior members of Nubhanfc n we are 40+ ..... n young at heart ..ahakss lol! you don't agree with that eh?? But I do! wakakaka.... we plan to have this get-together for quiet sometime now and at last...!! we decided to meet up at the Curve, Mutiara Damansara....

tnx to Shikin who pick me up at my place n while waiting for Rozi, who happen to have a family gathering n came a bit late so... we parked outside Tesco Megamall, just next to the Curve building and went for a walked.....

at 'The Walk' which links Tesco n The Curve.....

then to 'The Street'! This links The Curve to......

the Cineleisure.....

then back to Tesco where there's this small shoplot called the Delectables which faces The Curve (the walkway connection between Tesco and The Curve). This cafe serves food like nasi lemak, prawn mee, curry and clear soup noodles etc. etc. (along with other snacks like tong sui).

my hubby's favorite 'mee udang' spot......

'mee Udang' @prawn mee... n I'm sharing it to Shikin. So both of us ordered each a bowl of prawn mee n a glass of hot lemon tea..... was it Shikin? ala... start ur diet 2moro la.... hehehe

hot lemon tea.....ahhh!

and Rozi's 'ice cendol' and complain coz its more like 'ice kacang'
with a little bit too much ice on it..... ooh-owh!! :0

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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Think Thin Thursday

On the track again........

I'll start this week as my 1st week again!!
The rules was only to report back to Think Thin Thursday....if you lose some weight!!
So after the flu, the coughing which lasted till now actually....but recovering, I'm on the go again...tnx God! BUT I'm one gal who never lost her appetite even when I'm I didn't lose any weight! wakakaka
I started my morning walks with my puppy...I mean with my baby on the stroller hehehe last Monday,
and had early dinners with cut down portions...well, my weight maintain!!:)
NO!! don't ask 'balance diet' ok!! maybe later....

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hockey Jr League

Last week, started Mon,16th Feb...
through out the week, my other daughter Fiffy(17), spents her day under the sun at the hockey field at Petaling. For health and beauty sake,
it worries me....mothers!!hehehe
but its her choice and she got all my support........

In fact she's involved actively in sports since she's in Standard 4.
She goes for marathons n Road Runs.She did run this year and maintain her victory!!(Rights Denied!)
BUT..... not before that. It all started coz she 'asthmatic'. Do you believe that......???
but she's ok now. *o*

Top scorer 2007.....

District Hockey Junior League
(under 18) 2008

on action....!!!!


with her team.....2009


Sunday, February 22, 2009

Syima @ foto Zzoomm...

It has been the 2nd week now since my daughter Syima(18) starts working
@ foto Zzoom.....

while waiting for a reply on her application in Architecture course on this coming
May intake.

wow!! Miss Canon... hehehe

to her, this is the exciting part, meeting celebrities......
Syarifah Awani

Cikgu Fatin former Academy Fantasia teacher......

Nazri from Raihan NasyidGroup....

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Thursday, February 19, 2009


The True Purpose of Relationships

Your relationship is not there to make you happy.
It is not there to satisfy your needs.
It is not there to help you escape your loneliness.
Its purpose is not for you to procreate,
although you might.
It is not there to provide you with a tax break,
although you should take that.
It is certainly not there for you to exploit,
by exerting power and control over the other.
It is not there to hold together the so called moral fiber of society.
It is not there for divine male and divine female
to merge through you and your partner.
It is there because God mandates it.
It is there as the mirror in which to see yourself clearly. That’s it.
Relationship produces pain for you so that you may
awaken to what needs to be worked on within yourself.
The pain, upset, discomfort caused in the relationship helps to
reveal the attachments we have and the inner working of our minds.
It could be as simple as feeling bad for not being complimented
on a new dress or as complex as getting upset with your partner
for giving away donation/stuff or making decision alone........
Seeing the trouble that attachment brings and realizing
that love and fear cannot coexist, what can be done?
Change your attitude towards relationship pain.
See it for what it really is, an opportunity for insight.
Watch closely how the storm of thoughts start to take control.
I can’t believe he did this again, he does it every time, I have told him so many times before, he knows how important this is for me, he is so selfish and inconsiderate,why doesn’t he change, I am never going to speak to him again, … I am so right!”
On and on thought takes over and one is caught in the chaos.
This is childish and won’t help at all,
and the worst part is that a golden opportunity is being wasted.
An opportunity to observe the self in action and
perceive the root cause of the attachment.
Have you ever tried to observe the actual feeling,
the physical reality of what is taking place without interfering
and without getting carried away into all the mental threads?
By doing so, you will allow the fact of what is happening, anger,
jealousy, fear, etc. to reveal itself to you in its complete detail.
This is to understand by direct perception and allow insight to blossom.
This is the only approach that will root out and weaken attachment.
Any other reaction on your part to suppress the feeling,
or run away from it, or replace it with good feelings,
or psychoanalyze it, etc,
will simply leave the underlying causes intact only to have
the outburst happen again when the time is ripe.
All the upsets, big and small, simple and complex
have their roots in our attachments.
The attachments could be to security, money, sex, power, prestige,
name, fame, religion, children, family, country, comfort, food, etc.
It does not matter, our relationships, specially the intimate ones,
will poignantly reveal them to us.
As long as we have these attachments, and they are strong within us,
we live in fear and misery.
Afraid of not getting that which we want,
afraid of loosing it if we have it and fearful of those
on whom we depend on for their fulfillment.
Any relationship upon which you depend for your personal
gratification and security will eventually lead you to the mess of anger,
control, possessiveness, jealousy, fear and hatred.
This is relatively easy to see if we watch relationships in action.
So measuring the strength of one’s relationship
by the level of attachment is quite silly.
In fact, life will not allow such relationships to endure
and by producing a few storms she will eventually tear it
down and force a new one to be built.
On the other hand, when two self-sufficient people meet,
adore each other and enjoy each other’s company....
we have the makings of something special.........

~Mengenal diri melalui rasa Hati~

Monday, February 16, 2009


7th Feb....

So its was 10 days ago.....

But I know for those who are involved... still pestering me for this post!!
sorry guys!

~Better Late Than Never~
wah! its becoming my tagline lately hahaha....

anyway I really love to share it coz this day is quiet special......
and I'm calling it a 'pleasant coincident day'

let me start by introducing......

"halo-halo"...... a so-call filipino dessert so like 'abc' in Malaysia
but this one mix with local fruits like banana...... eemm..?
oh-owh! that's all i remember for now hehehe...
its on my niece...... tnx Faye!!
(actually we took this at KotaRaya)
on the way home from the Mid.....

My Syima n I.....
window shopping at 'The Garden'....
(hey! we have 40% discount......)

Cousin Faye, Syima n Faye's younger sis...Yana!

Yana, umi, Faye, Syima n Nizam younger bro to Yana!

with Wawan.......another younger bro of Yana!
he's at the other side of the window...why?
he's a sales promoter there....hehehe

n this is Syaril elder bro to Nizam.....

These are all my elder sis Beth's children.....
and I just happen to meet them during their outing at Midvalley the same day I was having
Nubhan Fan Club meeting at Mdm Kwan Restaurant ........

Nubhan FC
(this pix, credit to Ajym... :)



my last appointment was with the underground 'Sabunianz' (from StacyNubhan fan club) at Domino Pizza, which was postponed from last week .......since I mentioned 'underground' so I wont mention names only nicks.....TwinkyStar, Geeqy, Miesya, Sweetyqurlz n kiku_zakura. This was our 1st gathering n it was really trill n full of suspensed, right? It really fun meeting u guys. At last.....hehehe ^o^

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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's Day...

14th Feb.....

Normally, if my hubby is around we'll spend the nite out.
Dinner for two or movie or just having the reason to stay away from the kids.....hehehe
we just need it from time to time...
but since this year he is working and out of the country(HK) so nevermind....that's what I told myself, we can celebrate valentine anytime , our time!!
( you think I sound cool eh?, no I'm eating my heart out.....huh!) :(

So we just hang out at home,still with love ones.....

manung Otai(my son)



the kids......
Syima starts working a week ago .......
So we (me actually) spend the whole day watching love story movie@HBO....
and as the finale of my valentine countdown.....

Nubhan Stacy.... guest@'AC disini.....'(a local talkshow)
so sweet........this one is for me!!
really I'm so romantic at heart n cant help it!!! ^_^

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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Weird Facts about 'ME'...

Tag from Blog Cabin....

Better late than Never......Flo,

Ok, let me proceed with the tag.

The rules are :

1. Each player of this game starts off with 15 weird things/habits/little known facts about yourself.

2. People who get tagged need to write a post of their own 15 weird things/habits/little known facts as well as state this rule clearly.

3. At the end, you need to choose 10 people to be tagged and list their names.

4. No tag backs!

So here goes the....ME !

1. One Filipino lady who never set foot on the Philippine land nor speak any filipino language fluently but you still cannot sell me coz I understand though.......
a bit!

2. from Sunday school teacher to 'ustaza' hahaha.....but only to my kids. the big ones 'khatam' means done, the 2 on the way to Quran and little chubby...well, he's just 2yrs old!

3. I consider myself having strong determination n multi-talented or maybe just too desperate,
hah! why? when I was a single parent.....
i. I earned my living by 'skills' that I didn't get from school......
I'm a taylor/fashion designer who owned 2 fashion house but learn sewing only by referring books that I borrowed from the library n magazines as well as tips from close friends..... (considering its a profession that gives me chance to look after my children at home... no baby sitter pls!)
ii. Crowd! it'll make me freeze just standing on stage during my school days, I'm just the gal behind the scene... I do research n ready the speech but they do the presentation!! Then....Boom!
One day I'm a 'speaker'. I earned an apartment, a Volvo which came with a chauffeur, air flight and hotel to wherever I went to give my talk....all accommodated by the company!!..... that's weird!

4. I also done part-time in makeup-do-over for brides, direct sellings , insurance agent and later after moving to K.L., I do Public Mutual..... but now, my hubby pampered me so much that I'm just jammed in my brain until i decided to explore internet......singlehandedly!!!

5. Yeah, okay, I have to say that I am a lover of all things organized. So, this totally speaks to me. My hubby n kids breaks out in a nervous sweat whenever they comes home to find me in some part of the house buried under piles of 'this goes here' and 'that's going there' and 'if you mess this up I'm gonna kick your a$$.
this is where mommie turns into zombie....!! ggrrrr.....

6. when u just meet me, I'm shy at first, but warm up quickly...give me like 3 second. lol...:0 That's me... a Comic Relief

7. In real live, I hate sentiments, couldn't be bother with others criticism, the faster u face the facts the sooner u move on type of person......

8. But when I'm watching sad movies or dramas....omg! I need handkerchief please!!!
I'm addicted to tv. Sitcoms, drama and movies.....

9. I'm so obsess losing weight....^o^ (blushing oidy....)I never been over weight before. I even delivered Balqis and the others at about 60-65kg only, I put on weight after having Syasya......,
and can't get rid of those extra now......blame that to the hormone.....wakakaka

10. Outdoor gal.....likes camping, fishing and oh....loves adventures. My hubby and I are planning to join the Borneo 4WD Cross Country Challenge......
Loves Cars too!

11. mmmm....? oh yes! all my kids, nieces n nephews call me 'umi'...even kids from Nubhanfc n Stacyfc !! motherhood...I know I got the charisma...

12. belonging to 2 local fc's also seems weird isn't it? I still cant talk about this to my relatives, they wont understand it! English song are the choice in the family , was never very keen with Malay songs before because of less exposure maybe.....coverline!!

13. Very proud 45 n it might not really be weird but I love singing n dancing. I dance from traditional, ballroom to modern dances including hip hop n shuffle. dare to try it with me....??
* ~I got it from my momma......hehehe

14. I used to like western food, then suddenly at this age, I'm more to Japanese.... :) one thing never change I love cheess cake... yummy!!

15. I like to think I'm a trifty person....not calculative ok, mind you...! (just to avoid inflation... hehehe) but sometimes or most of the time....I end up overspending......
still wondering how come...??

lastly.....10 persons to be tag;
who wants to be tag, put your hands up...hehehe

at least by the end of this tag we know each other better......
be positive n be pals forever!

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-Zie & Simahmail's Life
-Tidbits & Views
- Zamani84
- Mz pretty zue aka belle
-^Gurl Power, Gurl stronger^
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