Wednesday, January 7, 2009


6th January......

Purchasing an older vehicle, such as the 1984 Volvo 240, makes good financial sense. You're able to avoid the steep depreciation rates that occur with brand new vehicles. This essentially gives you the advantage of getting a 1984 Volvo 240 for less money than when it was new. If the 1984 Volvo 240 was properly maintained, you also have a good chance of steering clear of problems that would have developed when the car was new.

With that statement, you might think I'm a Volvo promoter ,salesman, or rather an all into it consumer....., I don't know! Me and Volvo....its like faith between us. When I was a speaker for one MLM product back in Sabah, about 10 yrs ago......the company gave me a Volvo 240 and that comes with a driver!!

In Muar, Johore...the first year we moved to Peninsular of Malaysia 2003, my hubby bought me a Volvo...the same model n colour!!! ....n I never asked for it!

Then a year later....we move to the city, Kuala Lumpur!
Hence! once again..... I'm with a Volvo, the same model n colour!!!
hey! what is it n the Volvo 240 light blue!!!!????

I actually didn't give a damn till last Tuesday....the 2nd day of school, I was on my way to fetch my children from school( as you have known aside from being the nanny, I'm also the official taxi driver), then suddenly the Volvo simply stopped!! I mean really stopped like the engine stop running at all....

I called a friend to help me with Volvo..... and leave the Volvo just there with the key hanging on the ignition!! well... let's see if anyone is interested!......huh?

I have to go to my kids school ON FOOT with my teenage daughter Syima n little toddler Chubby, it took us about 20 minutes walk n at NOON!! phewww.....

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