Thursday, January 8, 2009

Think Thin Thursday

6th January....
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oh...well! nothing is new, in my New year's resolution...
apart dreaming of having a new mpv....
let's say maybe a Kyron SUV or a Rexton 7 seater

( wonder if u notice the names there!!...hope my hubby reads this) hehehe......
and again back to my resolution.....
is, was as always year to year is losing weight.

hope my signing in Think Thin Thursday with Bridgette@The Not-So-Blog Blog,
encourage me to stick on my goals like walk n run alternately for 45 minutes 3 time a week,this I have started with my 80 yrs old father on 1st of January during his visit last christmas, do streches/exercise twice a week n focusing on my eating habits!!

So we'll see what happen next Thursday..... :)

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