Thursday, January 22, 2009

Think Thin Thursday

22nd January.. : 2nd week

The Not-So-Blog

Not much to write this week since the scale shows no difference from last week.
A bit disappointed with myself. Actually no...I HATE MYSELF!! I know.....over reacting but IF I .......well, no used regretting !!
Managed to run twice only through out the week, had chocotops@McD ( blame it to the weather, its too hot! :) a plate of tempting roasted chicken rice @ 'on the run' Esso Station for lunch and a Turkey in mayo sandwich bun. Ice lemon tea!! OPS!! Guilty!!
ok2. enough already.....
I'll start all over again....if I make it last week,then i'll can make it next week.... : )
I know its hard for you to believe me now.....can't blame you!!


  1. wah I respek la u Kyrun, got time to exercise lagi, others only diet but 'die it' only hehe Keep it up, I think U will shed some more kilos in future because of your spirit..You go girl!

  2. Flo....
    u call this spirit,huhuhu
    i almost die...doing it!!
    now its just do or!
    but tnx for the support, friend!:)


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