Friday, January 9, 2009


tagged by Shikin JD....

1. Have you ever celebrated New Year?

of coz...

the 1st 18yrs of my life its a must!!

2. Where do you celebrate it?

open space,

where we can enjoy the 'flower in the sky'

...says Balqis when she was 4 yrs .....hehehe

3. What do you usually do the next morning on New Year's day?

wake up late.....

4. What do you like most about New Years?

a year older...

5. Do you believe in New Year's resolution?

believing in having a new year resolution, YES!!

but after that....that's a different story i guess!!

6. Who is the five people you celebrate New Year with? Name them...

weird!! coz this New Year...

I was all alone!but quiet buzee replying sms....

the family did plan to watch 'fire in the sky' at the Curve.....tecnical problem!

7. Give three names you want out of your life this year.

one : Mr Wong, the landlord....(hope his not ever going to read this...)

two : Mr Ravi, The Star newspaper delivery man. STOP!

I'm buying Berita Harian for now coz I'm voting for the 'abpbh2008'

(Most Popular Artist Award 2008)...hehehe

three : who else huh...???

8. Have you ever achieve your New Year goals?

I guess so.....

9. What's your goal last year?(2008)

one of it was losing weight.....wakakaka

(did it happen? see for yourself)

10.What your goals this year?( 2009 )

carry forward last year one......

dont ever give up...u can do it girl!!! :)

11. list 6 person to tag

ahhhh......can I skipped this one????

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  1. the three names you want out of your life this year....the answer tak ble belah, hahahahahaha

    thanks for answering my tag

  2. Hey...why in the world were you all alone this new year?

    Say...I have read your life story on your side bar. I'd just have to say...good for you for finding true love after many kids and a divorce. Good for you, girl! :)

  3. hahaha...just read ur comment charity...
    all was a coincidence I guess....
    coz we're suppose to go to 'the Curve'..a shopping mall open space area where there's fireworks on 'NY'...,

    'true love'....
    that what they say ^_^


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