Thursday, January 15, 2009

RTM Angkasapuri

14th January....

Angkasapuri is the headquarter of Radio Television Malaysia (RTM)
builded in 1966

Zoom-in@rtm recording show at Angkasapuri and one of the invited artist is of coz NUBHAN,otherwise it wont be posted here......hehehe.And in case your wondering why, well by now you should know that my family are Nubs die hard fan..... and if still no understand yet just bear with me ok?

~ Nubhan ~
sang 3 songs which mesmerized everyone with his voice...

....Welcome to Angkasapuri

all in orange, arrive an hour early and contributing tickets at the entrance
while waiting for the others to arrive,..... few snaps please!!

myself n Shikin (whom I credit most of the pix here) . A shot before the show starts in the auditorium.

the show was hosted by 2 comedian Johan n Along, so we cracked with laughter through the show n all the rest of the artist was great. It was really fun .

still no Nubs in the pix......
oh well Dina in purple (Malaysian Idol 2004) will do

nubies at the cafe, still hoping Nubs will show up.......ok guys give up, not tonite i guess.


  1. ....sure kita enjoyyy!!
    precious time with friends n family,
    for me it a therapy for releasing stress...
    and i'm counting on our next event with Nubs n nubies or nubies ONLY!

  2. k, till we meet again
    looking forward to c u, either wiz nubhan & nubies or just between us, the hot mamas katanyer, hehehe lepak2 mengeteh ke?



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