Saturday, January 10, 2009

M'sian's PCD

10th January.....

This time..... this post I'd like to share my little baby 'superstar'....
She got the style, the power, the aura n the moves with that golden voice...
hope you will enjoy it as much as I do! Introducing
Pussycats doll, Malaysia... S T A C Y !

Concert 'Jom Heboh' 2008

hey, look who gave her comment........!
feel free to give yours....tnx.
(this was recorded by a local entertainment journalist during pcd tour in Malaysia)

By Anna Vivienne - Sabah magazine author-
~Stacy, Sabah's pride~
She pranced, danced and swayed to a Michael Jackson tune, belting out the song 'Beat It' to an amazed crowd. She gyrated and twisted to a sexy number in ' Makhluk Tuhan Paling Seksi' or God's sexiest creature. Her friends, relatives and supporters were glued to the seat ogling the idiot box watching her and sms-ing their support every week.

She gave her vocal chords the maximum decibels and screamed her way to the winning seat of Academy Fantasia Six, a television reality show. And the diminutive young lady smiled her wholesome smile as she walks away with the prizes.. a house and lots of money! Among many others, that is. This young lady is Sabah's own talent, Stracie Anam, aged 18 whose professional name is Stacy. I almost hear the distant roar of applause.

Be that as it may, meeting this girl was interesting. She was calm and quiet, without any affectation or airs. And let us hope it stays that way, because people who become famous through their God talents tend to go uppity later.

credit to stacyfrenz

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