Friday, January 23, 2009

kiddos makes me smile;)

23rd January

Been meaning to share about these since last week coz both of these boys have gone back to Sabah. Luffy had an offer for a job and Amer is continuing his studies after doing his pratical at Kajang, KL.

Luffi....very talented n matured! This is the 3/6 son of my hubby. We don't really have the chance to spend much time with each other but I like n admire him though. We do have a lot in common........n the girls love him!!

I can talked to Amer like his one of mine. we sms each other all the time and share secret too! till we meet again boys, we'll missed u both! : )

I remember at one time few years back, Amer pulled Syima's hair because of Johnson baby oil which Syima wont share with him. That's among a lot of other things.....hehehe! I let them deal with it and in the end they settled it by themselves. Syima is a strong girl or I'll say, my own kids are very flexible n understanding really! Now they are closed to each other. Of course, a lot of adjustment made along the proses, and I would be lying if I say its easy BCOZ ITS NOT..... But everyone is dealing with it for this family is 'ours'!!!

*Combining 2 ready-made family, PRAYERS N TOLERANCE is a big thing to make it work!!

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