Monday, January 12, 2009

niece & nephews

12th January....

~pictures talks better than words~

Ronnie...recorded by his classmate last year at Lim Kok Wing U during convocation 2008 when he was invited to perform. His taking sound engineering courrse with Duffyaf5 n Achah (Ind artist) well...maybe Stacy af6 this Feb...who knows! hehehe
his ambition....a song composer! all the best Ron...




Dear sisters n bro,
these are the latest pix of the children that I have,
please sent me the update pix of those not here yet,
and its ok to include grandchildren as well.....hehehe.
~coz the memoirs is ours to share~

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  1. Whoa! What a dizzy blog you got here! So much goin' on! LOL!

    Thank you, Kyrun, for stopping by and paying me a visit. And thank you for your comment. :) You can copy it, just remember to give me all the credit! :) LOL

    I am confused...are you the singer here in all these music vids you've posted? :)

    Drop by again soon!



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