Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Rights Denied.?

Do you blamed me,

a mom who proudly loves to share a 'bit' of her 3rd daughter
Syafiqah aka Fiffy's(17) precious moments...???
I don't know if u all notice that I've posted these pix previously under participation on sports n curriculum 2008 but not in details and since i'm about to discuss about 'rights', so i purposely emphasized it here again.

The question is.......
'How would you react if an announcement was made that those who has been winning these past years are not allowed to join the 'road run' this year, just to give others chance to obtain certs.....bla bla ( hope you understand me....)
WHAT? ? Is this relevent.......
U tell me your 'piece' of mind pls!!!

7k Run finisher
International Marathon 2008
Ambank Kuala Lumpur

7k run finisher
'king of the road' 2008
adidas Shah Alam

1500m 'road run'
2008 - 1st
2007 - 2nd
2006 - 3rd

2008 - 1st
2007 - 2nd
2006 - 3rd

4 x 400m
2008 - 1st
2007 - 1st
2006 - 3rd

She's under State scholarship since standard six and aiming highly
to be future National athlete.......


  1. You sure has the right to be proud of your daughter's winning.Your blog is the way which pic did you grab? Just curious to know :)Perhaps we could be friends?

  2. Hi FJL,
    nice having you around....
    I grab the Tmn Tun Fuad restaurant on the lake, i was staying at Beverly Hill in kk n thats our family fav lepaking spot....hehehe
    friends? sure,it will be my pleasure.

  3. OO Beverly Hill..well you are welcome here anytime pal :)
    I miss the food there in Taman Tun fuad, will come again next time.


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