Monday, January 19, 2009

AJL23@Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

18th January....

~ 23rd Best Music Award ~

I have a comment from one of my blogger visitor saying 'what a dizzy blog i have....hehehe
can't blame her......with my big bunch of people and 2 fan clubs, what do you expect!!
.......just trying to balance my insanity!! hohooo....

After all those years of washing, cooking, milking (blushing), changing diarpers, homework......bla bla bla, time for me to have a little excitement. Thanks to the sfc president himself , an artist n a model, Mr.Kose for the tickets, i decided to join Stacy fan club at the Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil with my son Otai , his girl Masha and Syima. As usual as I dont know how to drive there, we took the commuter...n wow! such huge place n where all this people came from....??

Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Stacy made it as a finalist in the pop rock category
officially a singer for just more than six months n the youngest contestant.....
go go girl....we are here for YOU!!

most charming n dedicated Mr President of sfc

judging by the crowd you'll know how big this event is......

and just look who's among the crowd....
one busy momma and the team.....

sweet n always very concern stacyfrenz....

a snap with stacyrenz n Intan the composer of 'aku stacy'

stacyfrenz group foto before saying goodbye....

Stacy performing 'aku stacy'

over all, although Stacy didn't win n we have a bit of mishap at the end of the nite....but it was fan n memorable evening and we did managed to a have a few snap with Stacy back at the parking lot......

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  1. ooooo that's Mr. i know

  2. now only you know...?? :) pekak xle post comment
    in your blog eh.....? larikkk

  3. wah jelesnya dapat jumpa n see Stacy..Im one of her fans you know! I was hoping she could win at least the best performance instead of FT. hihi

  4. Stacy perform best giler...
    Suke jer tgk die menari...

  5. Really? fan eh!
    actually not really surprising since she made Sabah n Sabahan proud...
    if the best performance was judge by voting, i bet Stacy will WIN!:)

    mmg Stacy best giler klu menari,
    pussy cat doll M'sia...gitu!!

  6. salam kak kyrun..wah! baru terjumpa blog link dgn blog sy ya...ade ms jenguk2lah blog pn pergi jua kat AJL aritu tp x nampak akk pulak...anyways stacy performance mmg besh that nite

  7. wkslm lisa...
    I always peep your blog u know...
    Stacy mmg malatop that nite but FT lagi kuat malatop nye..hehehe


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