Friday, January 30, 2009


All in the family.....
no! 4 of us in the family end up with flu this weekend. Syasya who is a bit more active than the rest still running around sniffing her nose coughing.......

but Balqis has the habit of vomiting just as she had a slight temperature........
and myself....owwh! very very bad headache, huhuhu.....

and poor little Chubby........too!

the house transform more like a clinic.....easy for syima n Fiffy to handle the 4 of us, we end up laying on a mattress in front of the tv set..........

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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dedicated to all my....

~Peng you~ Emil Chau

Tse sien nie - i ge jen
Fong jie goa - jien tsou
Jou goa lei - jou goa tsou
Hai tsin de tsien tsche sche mo
Tsen ai doa - tsai huei ti
Uei tsing moa - uei huei scheng
Tsung jou mo - tsung jou n
Tsai sching tsong

Peng jou i scheng i ts tsou
Na she er tse bu tsai jou
Ni tsch hoa - i bei tse
Ni scheng tsi - ni bei tsou
Peng jou bu tsen bu dan goa
I shen peng jou ni huei dou
Hai jou sheng - hai jou tou
Hai jou tsou - hai jou wo

repeat 1 n 2 (2x)
repeat 2 (1x)

Ni tsch hoa - i bei tse
Ni scheng tsi - ni bei tsou

~ Fairy Tale ~ Micheal Guang

~ Timeless ~ Jang ri In Xiah

*sharing a bit of me....
yes! I love chinese, korean n Taiwanese as well....
enjoy it! its good,believe me....

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Monday, January 26, 2009

Gong Xi Fa Cai

26th January.....

Happy 'moo' year to all my Chinese friends.....

from family of
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Abyl's 2nd B'day...

25th January.....

birthday Pictures, Images and Photos


celebrated Abyl's 2nd B'day with BBQ @Hutan Lipur Recreation Park, situated@Sg.Kancing Rawang, Selangor.

~Chocolate temptation cake~ selfbaked n named by Syima.....originally!!
~fried Kueh Teow~by Masha....'hot n spicy'

local prawn crackers also supplied by Masha....


tuna mayo sandwich.....prepared by u know who?? : )

BBQ 'Lamchops.....'finger-linkin'

n BBQ 'chicken wings'....ops! syima, sniffing all the smell already... !! hehehe


We started the day as early as 6.30am get everything ready n reached at Lipur Park(well known with its crystal clear river) at 9.30am. ~actually it only takes about 20 min drive from our place~

if u click on the pix then u can see clearly, that's monkeys there n everywhere. And if u dont take extra care with ur belongings or even food.....these monkey are not scared to grap beware!!!

Lipur Jungle is famous for activities such as jungle tracking and also for its waterfalls.....but mind your steps for you have to climb hundreds of steps to reach there. Anyway its fun and exciting adventure.......AND it will give us ( specially the kids) a closer look to NATURE.

Opening our tent....this tent is just good for 2 persons n since its just for precaution in case it rains, we leave behind our good for 10 persons tent which we will take on camping trips.....

Syima final touch with the cake.....huh?

Promo.....this is not a fire crackers ok! Its a fire starter, handy on trips like this!! very convenient!!

Otai n gf......Masya!

ahah! this time with the umi, interframe!! I got my eye on u two......hehehe
so the rest of the team are taking a dipped in that so like ice water....
grrr! so cooool....

fiffy!! what stunt is that?......poor b'day boy but looks like he's having fun anyway!

after settling down , had breakfast then starts BBQ for lunch( n delayed when rain starts pouring, next... off to the waterfalls. There's 3 levels of waterfalls n we did reached the highest level but this pix was at the 1st level....

This pix was taken at the 2nd level. 3rd level......
we are all wet so no one bother to reach for the camera.....

( all pix credit to Masha)

Birthday Balloons Pictures, Images and Photos
unwrapped presents in the tent for its started to rain......; )

Friday, January 23, 2009

kiddos makes me smile;)

23rd January

Been meaning to share about these since last week coz both of these boys have gone back to Sabah. Luffy had an offer for a job and Amer is continuing his studies after doing his pratical at Kajang, KL.

Luffi....very talented n matured! This is the 3/6 son of my hubby. We don't really have the chance to spend much time with each other but I like n admire him though. We do have a lot in common........n the girls love him!!

I can talked to Amer like his one of mine. we sms each other all the time and share secret too! till we meet again boys, we'll missed u both! : )

I remember at one time few years back, Amer pulled Syima's hair because of Johnson baby oil which Syima wont share with him. That's among a lot of other things.....hehehe! I let them deal with it and in the end they settled it by themselves. Syima is a strong girl or I'll say, my own kids are very flexible n understanding really! Now they are closed to each other. Of course, a lot of adjustment made along the proses, and I would be lying if I say its easy BCOZ ITS NOT..... But everyone is dealing with it for this family is 'ours'!!!

*Combining 2 ready-made family, PRAYERS N TOLERANCE is a big thing to make it work!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Think Thin Thursday

22nd January.. : 2nd week

The Not-So-Blog

Not much to write this week since the scale shows no difference from last week.
A bit disappointed with myself. Actually no...I HATE MYSELF!! I know.....over reacting but IF I .......well, no used regretting !!
Managed to run twice only through out the week, had chocotops@McD ( blame it to the weather, its too hot! :) a plate of tempting roasted chicken rice @ 'on the run' Esso Station for lunch and a Turkey in mayo sandwich bun. Ice lemon tea!! OPS!! Guilty!!
ok2. enough already.....
I'll start all over again....if I make it last week,then i'll can make it next week.... : )
I know its hard for you to believe me now.....can't blame you!!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

brothers and sisters

20th January...

let share tv show....

I know every mom out there (specially those who value their privacy and no stay in helper please! type of mom, should have their moments, specially moment of folding the laundry maybe hehehe or .... tell me about it! coz mine would be in front of the tv set while watching mom stories....

I love watching Grey Anatomy, Ghost whisperer,Brothers n sisters, Desperate housewife,Heroes (just bcoz my kids love it...which sometimes confused me of the past, present n future..:) Army wives, I watch the Nanny over n over like for 10 yrs till now,friends, American Idol (all seasons), talk shows like Opera winfrey, Ellen D.,Family realty shows like the Kardasian, Kimora model n mom...etc!
I love to motivation of the stories....specially as a mom, wife, friend n a carrier woman....
I also watch Intan (an Indonesian movie) thats bcoz the heroin's parent was my favourite when i was a teenager...

Anyway last night I watch Brothers and Sisters season 3(as I've watch season I n II, its a good family story to share and if you take the positive of the story....feel the joy n the grieves of a woman as a mother, a wife, putting personal feeling aside to keep her family together....

~Brothers And Sisters~

is about a collection of five enmeshed and somewhat damaged adult siblings and their strong but passionately devoted mother, Nora Walker.The Walkers's lives have not been without challenge; romance, parenting, divorce, infidelity, addiction, war and even death have pushed each of them to the limit, but they continue to work toward living their lives as individuals, while loving each other unconditionally and trying to maintain some semblance of normalcy after the loss and lies of their larger-than-life family patriarch, William Walker, the father.

Eldest sibling Sarah is a newly divorced mother of two who finds herself in a power struggle now that she has to help run the family business,Ojai Foods,with her father's lifelong mistress,Holly Harper

2nd brother Tommy Walker finds himself torn between his loyalty to his family and the desire to make his father's company profitable again, while trying to keep his own marriage alive and provide the emotional support needed by his beautiful wife, Julia and baby daughter, Elizabeth.

Kitty, engaged to be married to Senator Robert McCallister who is busy with the campaign, running for the Presidential...

Kevin is an openly gay lawyer. He'll call his own career into question when he experiences prejudice about his sexuality within the law firm.

Justin is a veteran of the war in Afganistan and a recovering addict.....

The Mom, Nora Walker is the matriarch of the family who is strongly doing her best to keep her family together and happy.Despite only knowing that William the husband was stealing company money after he was dead and he also had a mistress, Holly for many many years.

~Family is the foundation of every home. And it is a must to save it from destruction.~
~may we, the mother's be spiritually, mentally and physically strong to keep the family bond stronger......insyaallah!
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