Monday, October 13, 2008

Raya @ Stacy

12th Oct.,
On the twelve day of Raya......

quite a rushing day.......
from Dila's open house in Puchong, we rushed home changed and continue
down to the city to attend Stacyfrenz open house with STACY.
With Otai and Fiffy we drive to K.L.

Fiffy got lucky that night..

'alamak! terlebih suda.....' meaning OVER !!

omg......nubies!!! here??
the very polite tira, sweet twinkystar n glamorous edna.....

ops! look who shows up at the end of the party??

Nubs!!! here???....... : )

In did!! Nubs appearenced surprises everybody.......
met Nubs downstairs, and he's late but it didn't stop him to greet us.
And chat for awhile. He told me he was losted.
And i've made him more was i to know? hihihi....sowieeee!

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