Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Raya @Nubhan's (part 1)

25th Oct
the journey........

Abah was out station again. Manila. Amer? no, he got other plans. So no one to drive me this time., Ajoy did offer to drive but.......at the end of discussion, to save a situation I decided to drive..
thanks to Nora who is willing to escort me from close to my place to all the way to the city,
where we meet with more nubies.......

Convoy from Selangor to N.Sembilan;
- started our journey from home at 2.30pm....

Shikin@mamapip ...
organized 'open car' instead of 'open house' ehm....

Reach destination at 8 pm... (normally it only take only 2 hours but...)

bye to u too, Fikri......
regards to your parent, thanks for letting us put up at your place.......


1. mamapip@Shikin
2. kyrun_q@umi .
3. Helmi .
4. Farrell .
5. Tokwan .
6. Ajoy .
7. Fikri .
8. Nora .
9. Tynnie
10. Harney .
11. kittycat .
12. Syima .
13. tyka .
14. fiffy .
15. erin

16. Balqis .
17. Syasya .
18. Syurabyl .

p.s. guys! we should arrange for a gathering.....
luv u all

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