Thursday, August 28, 2008


we r nubies family or family of nubies.........; )
* kyrun_q
* Otai_giler
* Mz.syima_line
* fiephy_q

these are our nick as Nubies@Nubhanfc
n nubies is what members call themselves,
n stacyfc...we are called stacyfrenz.....

as members of both nfc n sfc,we have a lot of new experiences n exciting adventures , new places to visit n most of all new friends.......along the way!!!

Nubhanfc activities:

16.8.2008 - nubies was invited to thankgivingprayers at Nubhan's kampung(birthplace)
for his victory after taking the 3rd place in the af6 2008, realty show.
~of coz..Nubhan is the winner in nubies heart!~

at Nubhan's house... 'minang style'

my 1st nubies friend, Syikin@mamapip(v.president nfc)

nfc booked a bus from KL to N.Seembilan (about 3hous drive)
-orange scarf(nubhan's antie) Rozie-

me and Nubhan's mom

Nubhan's manager, Vern...the famous 'mrmanager'

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