Thursday, November 20, 2008

chicken salad

i guess u guessed right! Guest coming to
our home tomorrow....
few friends from nfc whom i got quiet close to....

by the way 'welcome' to my kitchen, (no criticism please)
which i just passed to my 18th yrs old daughter,

aahh....preparing special request...a tradition resepi
the famous.............

'Chicken Salad'

boil to soften 500gm macaroni,
drain n smooth with 1 tbsp of butter.

1 med bottle of mayonnaise or more
a bit of condense milk

*a bit of salad cream can be added for
more creamier n sourly taste.

1 box of grated cheddar cheese
300gm shreds of chicken fillet

1 large can of mix fruit (drained)
2 green apples slice into cube
2 boxes of black raisins

mix all together.


(pix credit to mz.syima_line)

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