Tuesday, December 30, 2008

family reunion

27th December

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wishing all my non-moslim family and friends Merry Christmas
and a very happy New Year 2008

I'm not celebrating Christmas anymore, of course!
but as it happened to fall on holidays and all my cousins do, so it looks like I AM celebrating Christmas after all!! And its the only occasion that we gather and meet with relatives from afar.
This year.......

~a Christmas tree~

~ and a Christmas cake ~

my papa(80 yrs old) ...... met him after 5 years

my eldest sister...... manang Neneng (57 yrs old)'
last met her 9 yrs ago)

with Uncle Saidin, Antie Neneng and cousins......

U.Saidin, Antie Neneng, Nurul(16,white scarf) and Fina(14)

M.Neneng and m.Marlene(M.Jun's wife)
last they met about 15 yrs ago ....

So happy to see u sis.......miss u so much!!
n i even have a slipped of a tougue and accidentally call her 'mang'...huhuhu

Cousin..Manong Jun(son of my mom's younger sis),
we last met during christmas 2 yrs ago....

family dinner.......

Alhamdulillah....thank God for their good health.


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