Monday, December 15, 2008

D' Author......

i'm no writer .......ok!!
yes! i dream to be... ONCE! like 30 yrs ago. hehehe
anyway the idea of my blogging was not really like blogging,its more to like restoring n recalling memories and sharing it to all my families specially my kids n 'their kids'.....
then i will not be tired telling the same stories over n over again that time, can u imagine how old am i or will i still be around ! hihihi

so kids.....hope u all appreciate n treasure the memories as much as i do. not to say we dont have bad memories but it's better be forgotten or recovered by good memories for it's the way to really feel the sweetest of life......

as for now this blog will be very messy and not organize at all, but i'll try to keep it update with my pass, present n future collected materials. hope everything will be in order n ready for public viewing by 2009.

i will be jotting as much or as little as i can n let the pix tell the story........
but who knows i might be inspired on the way, then it will be less pix n more mumblings! : )


  1. My dearest Langga',

    I really appreciate you doing it. Wish I could do the same. Seems that you've advanced ahead. I also never tought of it. For that... I give you a salute pa!!

    Why no photo of mamang and papang? It would be meaningful and useful not just for today but also our future generation.

    Keep up the good work and it will and shall be remembered and treasured by me till eternity.

    Luv you. Magingat haaa....

  2. dear,
    tnx for ur support!
    n tnx for ur 2 sen....
    pix of pa n ma is under
    maintenance n it will b posted
    by post laju........


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