Sunday, April 6, 2008

it's my b'!


it's my Birthday ........i'm 44th today!!!!
oh yes! as usual we have our family gathering, food n games,dancing, singing
n of coz the bithdaycake...this time its sponsored by qutai......tnx son!
unfortunately abah still outstation but he is the first to wish me....luv u too, ga!
but....pix? sorry, i lost my handfon.

anyway, let me share these pix instead.....
tnx to my mom for bringing me into this world....
tnx to my pa for raising me on ur own since mom was gone....
i know its tough for everybody : (

my baby pix.....about 2 yrs old with big sis m.Beth

about 6 yrs old.....thats me standing next to my mom's rightside

about 8 yrs old.....myself, mom, big sis m.Beth n little sis leng2

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