Friday, November 21, 2008

poolside potluck with friends

20th nov 2008,

third week of the school holidays, we spend an afternoon with close friends n family by the poolside at my home.......

Ajym and the mrs...Aisyah@narnia, syikin@mamapip

Happy 20th B'day to Marsya........

as usual, while the kids are enjoying the pool, where's the adults? uummmm........ : )

so sweet....little Abyl n Imtiyaz

Rozi (Nubhs angah)

Thursday, November 20, 2008

chicken salad

i guess u guessed right! Guest coming to
our home tomorrow....
few friends from nfc whom i got quiet close to....

by the way 'welcome' to my kitchen, (no criticism please)
which i just passed to my 18th yrs old daughter,

aahh....preparing special request...a tradition resepi
the famous.............

'Chicken Salad'

boil to soften 500gm macaroni,
drain n smooth with 1 tbsp of butter.

1 med bottle of mayonnaise or more
a bit of condense milk

*a bit of salad cream can be added for
more creamier n sourly taste.

1 box of grated cheddar cheese
300gm shreds of chicken fillet

1 large can of mix fruit (drained)
2 green apples slice into cube
2 boxes of black raisins

mix all together.


(pix credit to mz.syima_line)

poolside potluck with stacy

Since i was little, i just love celebs,but never as closed a i am now with two of my favourite new born stars ,Nubhan and Stacy, and my kids and i are members of their fanclub so we try to join in every activity arranged by each fanclubs to give our support at the same time making it our outing family activity if Abah is out station..  

last 17th Nov, we have potluck gathering organized by stacyfrenz at Ampang and here are some pix showing the fun we have on that day specially surprisingly Stacy shows up!!

Stacy so sweet n Kose (stacyfrenz President) so charming!!

I made 'chicken salad' specially for that event.......

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