Thursday, August 28, 2008


we r nubies family or family of nubies.........; )
* kyrun_q
* Otai_giler
* Mz.syima_line
* fiephy_q

these are our nick as Nubies@Nubhanfc
n nubies is what members call themselves,
n stacyfc...we are called stacyfrenz.....

as members of both nfc n sfc,we have a lot of new experiences n exciting adventures , new places to visit n most of all new friends.......along the way!!!

Nubhanfc activities:

16.8.2008 - nubies was invited to thankgivingprayers at Nubhan's kampung(birthplace)
for his victory after taking the 3rd place in the af6 2008, realty show.
~of coz..Nubhan is the winner in nubies heart!~

at Nubhan's house... 'minang style'

my 1st nubies friend, Syikin@mamapip(v.president nfc)

nfc booked a bus from KL to N.Seembilan (about 3hous drive)
-orange scarf(nubhan's antie) Rozie-

me and Nubhan's mom

Nubhan's manager, Vern...the famous 'mrmanager'

Monday, August 25, 2008


24th August

Bowling @ Ampang Superbowl,
Berjaya Times Square

Syikin arranged this outing unofficially....
so all here are like first time meet internet buddies!!! 
 kids buddies...hehehe
She did mention Nubs elder brother is one of them (in green),
but sorry Bad3.......ummi didnt notice u!!

as it happened, 
we are stranded in the train for about one hour on the way.......
So pose!! kill the time!!

just smile.....ok!

hang out....after the games!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

happy belated b'day Otai n Syima.....

22th Aug;
As promised to Otai n Syima, 
 who happened to be in college during their birthdays,
since both is around, we decided today is the day we will prepare something for them.ask them, what they want to eat?....the same typical answer.....((the one and only chicken salad)))
hahaha........ dunno why its their favorite!!!!
next year i'll make curry!!!

so.....chicken salad it is with coke and
homemade chocolate frosting cake by syima

see how easy it is to please my children.....

happy chubby.....


Monday, August 18, 2008

an after noon with Nubs

17th Aug. 2008

An afternoon with Nubhan........

according to mrmanager, the show starts at 2 pm,
at Mydin mall usj, Subang Jaya.
coz abah is having a meeting in Shah Alam, he offers to sent fiffy n myself.
otherwise.....i don't know( honestly, i know nothing about public transportation)
......nubs i'm willing to learn!!!

Orange all in the waiting...that's narnia n family,
since abah's meeting is early, so we reached Mydin Mall at 12noon. its good to be early, we can at least have a good spot!.... guess what??... not suppose to be THAT early though!.... : (
Nubs will only perform at 5pm......Vern!!!!!

(((( n u b h a n )))

sreamed by nubies or maybe more by fiffy who almost knock another nubies,
jumping n shouting calling nubhan when she saw

a bit of Nubs behind the backstage entrance.......

~group photo with Nubs n nubies~

after Nubs performs, mrmanager sms, inviting nubies for kfc........n the show is not even over!

was that strategy Vern or just being stingy (for u know, nubies are really loud...)

Nubs sharing a table with nubies......

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